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Releasing Physical Tension with Radiance 

Tariq Pinkston- The Body Activist Coach, The founder of RHF goal is to clear energetic blockages and support healing within your physical & emotional body. This is a collaboration between You, Source and I am the vessel of direction.

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Who is Tariq aka The Body Activist Coach?

The Body Activist Coach, my intention is to honor the complete human. Never to change you. Knowing that we are enough right now and everything else is extra. For about 16 years, I have learned many different tools and have experience with practicing these tools personally & teaching. Meditation, fitness training, teaching workshops, motivational speaking, and now Radiant Healing Frequency. I also have experience teaching at many different platforms, including Miraval Resorts & Hiberian Hall. I have also been a featured guest on podcasts, have experience as a radio personality as well as on screen as a television host. 

If interested in the other services I offer, go to BACOACHLLC.COM.

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I Can Now Use My "Gifts": And Still Learning

I was born with a love for humanity, empathy as well as some "gifts". We all have gifts by the way. My gifts however allowed me to see, feel, hear audibly, channel the unseen and they knew it. So I would wake up with them standing by my bed and it scared me quite a bit. I could also do this within the living world including picking up on thoughts, taking on their physical pains and taking on the emotions of others including their fears. I even saved my Dad's life once through visions within my dream state. 
I wasn't always treated well. I was and still am very different. This caused me to internalize a lot of pain and it caused depression & anxiety. Some of those abilities tempered down at 9yrs old. However they are still there and many show up when needed or through intention. At 21 yrs of age I met an Intuitive who helped me make sense of all of this, she created classes that help sharpen your tools. She also supported my tears and dreams. This showed me that I wasn't as alone as I thought.
Fast forward and I have met many others with these "Gifts". Many of them are hiding in plain sight. One has been helping me create this site haha. I also hid my gifts up until about 3yrs ago. Now at 37 years I am ready to serve in many other ways outside of just fitness. I finally have the confidence to do it!
Being an Empath is my main gift however it has grown to be a clairsentient among other things listed within this page. I feel everything whole rooms etc. 
How did I come across Radiant Healing Frequency?
Well I went to a channeler and I asked about career and they mentioned my hands. My hands have healing abilities that have been there the whole time! I knew of my healing because I am certified in Reiki. With all due respect Reiki didn't resonate with me so I asked "is this Reiki?" and they said "no". I said "okay" then they proceeded to teach me how to do it. They mentioned said all I needed was confidence. I began teaching everyone this modality. I was shocked with the outcome time and time again. I learned to just be open and allow God to do his thing. 
Now for the name. I looked everywhere for what I was doing there wasn't any modality that does what I am doing. I respect them all by the way. I went back to the channeler and they helped me figure out a name for this. They mentioned that there was no name. Being that I can't see light come from my hands and I can feel a whole lot of heat, made sense to name this Radiant Healing & I added Frequency.
The great thing is I can now I have a better idea of how to use my "Gifts".
And Still Learning
Many Blessings Tariq

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Radiant Healing Frequency

Physical & Emotional Frequency Work

The Body knows how to live without pain. It is the true essence of life is for energy to flow through the body painlessly. Healing is not a matter of contorting and manipulating. The work of healing is simply an invitation and a willingness to surrender to returning home again. The body knows and can remember the feeling of painlessness. That is the natural state of the body for the mind, the heart. 
This 3 step Healing method can be done hands-on or with distance while hands become warm to the touch. It is used to help clear blockages and support healing within the physical tissue and emotional body. Join Tariq Pinkston as he advocates for your healing. Once the method is taught, use it for yourself and teach others in everyday life. Know that you are safe and definitely supported. This healing comes from, source, self and I am just a vessel of direction.

To Book A Session/have a question: Email: or Call: 413-347-0063 

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Reiki vs Radiant Healing Frequency: What is the difference?

While there are many different ways to heal energetically that I am respectful of. This isn't Magik, Reiki, etc.. Yes there is more then one way to the goal. While the mind, body & soul is connected. The main focus for this module is Physical tissue & Emotional healing. While this does have some similarites to Reiki. Let me explain the differences briefly.

What are the differences between Reiki and Radiant Healing Frequency?

Reiki: This effective certified practice focuses on the clearing, balancing of the chakras energetically. This helps allow the flow of energy and impacting you in a positive way mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually. Honoring the whole human, much respect.

Radiant Healing Frequency: Founded by Tariq Pinkston. This is an effective non-certified practice that anyone can use. While this has its similarities with Reiki, this practice goes as deep as you allow. Also the focus is mainly on Physical Tissue & Emotional Blocks. You also are apart if the dialog and you experience the journey. I will walk you through the journey through visualization as well. I also tend to ask "what do you see, what do you feel?". This can help with the just symptoms of life, but I like to dive in and support healing at its core with respect. This is also meant to honor the human also but in a different way. 

Promise me you will continue the work and share with others?

To Book A Session/have a question: Email: or Call: 413-347-0063

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During Our Sessions: It is a collaboration

No experience necessary. We are in this together.
To Book A Session Or Ask A Question: Email: Call:413-347-0063 

YOU + SOURCE Physical Healing: 
The focus is on the physical tissue. "YOU" allow your spiritual healing capabilities to create shifts in the body within the muscles in real time that can be more obvious at times then others while bringing relief. Source will continue with the healing as much as you need. Again the body knows how to live without pain.

YOU + SOURCE Emotional Healing: 
Emotions(Energy In Motion) need to move. With your intention, you allow source to flow through you. You activate your natural spiritual healing ability. Allowing those burdens to lifted which isn't always easy. Do the work now so you can embrace your shine into the present and into the future. You don't have to do it all alone.

TARIQ + SOURCE Vessel Of Direction: 
With the support of Source, Arch Angels Raphael, Michael & Uriel, the ancestors, spirit guides and any others of the light that would like to support. I will read your energy through intuition & share the messages to help advocate for your healing and guide the energetic healing. Spirit will provide no more or no less.

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Customer Testimonials

Raya B

Tariq's spiritual energy is very strong. When he held his hands near my head they felt like magnets drawing a force through me for clearing and healing. Afterwards I felt safe and warm.

Jos C

Tariq is a high vibrational being. Since our online session, my emotions have calmed down the last couple of weeks. I feel I have more clarity with my situation. I believe our session ignited a fire in me to have a tough conversation... I feel I’m in a better space energetically, I feel more in my power. 

Lana K

I recently had the privilege of participating in a Radiant Healing Frequency call with Tariq, and I can't express how absolutely amazing it was from start to finish. Tariq has an incredible ability to connect with my pain points, insecurities, and the things that were holding me back. Not only did he see them, but he also guided me through them with compassion and understanding.
During the session, Tariq created a safe and non-judgmental space that allowed me to open up and let go. It was truly a transformational experience. In just one session, I was able to release so much of my past that was still clinging to me. The weight lifted off my shoulders, and I felt a newfound sense of freedom and clarity.
Tariq's insight and guidance helped me gain a deeper understanding of who I am and what I have to offer. I now feel empowered to move forward with confidence and embrace the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.
I wholeheartedly recommend Tariq's Radiant Healing Frequency calls to anyone seeking personal growth and transformation. His ability to connect and guide is truly remarkable. Thank you, Tariq, for the incredible experience!

Alex B

Tariq is truly a master of body, mind, and soul and understands the connectivity between the facets that make us unlike anyone else. His positive enthusiasm and compassion for the individual is unmatched. Immediately, after my first session with Tariq, I was convinced this was someone who could guide me to become a better version of myself and he helped me to understand that my imperfections are not weaknesses, but they make us unique and resilient. Tariq’s insights and talents helped me to be more accepting which has led me to a healthier, more in-tune version of myself. You won’t be disappointed with Tariq, he’s the real deal, and will undoubtedly help you to discover the healthier more robust person you want to be, and he will be there with you every step of the way. 

Meg A

Tariq is a caring, thoughtful, and empathetic human who is sensitive to the inner-workings of the mind. You immediately feel at ease in his presence and that you can relax. Tariq works to ensure you feel comfortable with frequent check-ins throughout the duration of the meditative event. He softly guides you through each step, prompting you to engage to your interest level. You feel like you've been transported through time and space while also being gently held and supported throughout the meditative experience. 

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Our Services

Exceeding Your Expectations

Book A Radiant Healing Frequency Session: Email: Call 413-347-0063 

45min session: $77 USDVenmo: The Body Activist Coach LLC 
To make payment & schedule email:
Any Questions?Call 413-347-0063

I will walk you through your healing whether it is physical tissue, emotional blocks or both. As I support you I teach you the steps of working with source to bring yourself healing and others. Know that you are fully supported. Keep water near by.

Please allow 48hours for response.

We all have access to Source Healing. Allow me to teach & support you. 

Check me out on social media:
Instagram: BodyActivistCoachLLC 
Tic Tok: BodyActivistCoachLLC 
My other website: BACOACHLLC.COM 


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